Do you feel like you need to heal past hurts and pain? Your healing work is personal, but there are many tools we can use to help you move past any obstacles in your path. I am Susan Pilon Licensed Clinical Social Worker and here are some of the healing services we work with for your mental health:

Psychotherapy: I am a holistic and intuitive Licensed Clinical Social Worker radiating with empathy and warmth.  My unique approach focuses on utilizing evidenced based theories combined with alternative mind and body techniques.

Hypnosis:  Hypnosis is an effective treatment to assist in healing a past memory or trauma, releasing negative habits, letting go of stress & anxiety, while gaining clarity, purpose and inner wisdom.

An-Ra Energy Healing:  Come receive a healing which will balance your chakras, and release blocks that you are holding in your physical body. Feel stress and tension melt away.

Location: 58 Commack Rd., Commack, NY 11725